Cahors Satellite Dishes

Cahors (formerly Visiosat) Bisat, Big Bisat and 120 SMC high quality satellite dishes. Multi satellite dish reception from Hotbird, Astra1, Astra2 Sky UK Freesat and many other configurations for up to 8 different satellites with the 90cm Cahors Big Bisat. Horbird, Astra 1 and Astra2 with the 75cm Bisat for properties where multi dish installation may be an issue and in need of European and British TV. The Cahors 120 SMC satellite dish secure signal from those satellite hard to receive such as BADR 4 for Arabic Middle East channels.

Cahors SMC satellite dishes have been London SatMan choice for over a decade. Buy online or have them installed for residential and business use.

Quality Guaranteed

To ensure you of our quality "All CAHORS SMC satellite dishes come with a 10 years manufacturer anti corrosion warranty".

MAEC's manufacturing facility has the ISO 9001 certification standard, delivered by AFAQ, since 1993.

All the SMC dishes on sale are compatible with QuickSat, developed by Cahors, the app which simplifies the satellite!

This application guides you step by step while putting at your disposal several helpful tools to assist you with the installation and alignment of your antenna.

QuickSat will also calculate the necessary adjustments:

• Checking the verticality of the mast
• Checking the good visibility (Sat Vision)
• Azimuth rotation position
• Elevation meter

Available for IPhone and Android