HD Plus receiver and viewing card German satellite tv HD+

The Humax Nano is a cracking LITTLE receiver, small in size, yet big in features. And, great in quality!

The remote is well laid out, neat and easy to use. There is a TV guide which facilitates recording to a , separately purchased, usb hard drive. Recordings can be on the fly, or timer set. You can choose daily, weekly or weekends.

For me, most important was the ability to rearrange the channels into my desired order... ARD on 1, ZDF on 2, RBB on 3, Sat.1 on 4 etc. No need to faff about with a “favourites “ menu! Using the HD versions, of course, leading me onto the card, which gives the commercial channels in High Defenition for a year. The State channels are free in HD.

All in all a great box, brilliant picture be it live tv or playback. Delivery was speedy, set up easy. The menu can be put into English.

Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Richie W., 10/05/2017
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