Satellite Multiswitch

We’ve got multiswitch for all your needs.

From 1 to 4 satellite and a range of Sky Q multiswitch for IRS system upgrades and installations.

In multi apartment buildings it is possible to feed all subscribers from one satellite dish installation, via a multiswitch distribution system.

Choosing the right system requires detailed focus on the numbers of satellite positions and subscribers. London SatMan offers a multitude of multiswitch with different system configurations covering all satellite position, customer and building combinations.

Be ready for Sky Q upgrades. The Sky Q wideband LNB will not operate through any existing IRS. The wideband signal frequencies, which straddle both the Terrestrial TV and Satellite frequency ranges, would not work on any existing (or planned) equipment.

Together with the TV equipment manufacturers, Sky has developed a family of dSCR multi-switches. These accept the standard 5-wire backbone signals (satellite Quattro + terrestrial) and provide from 4 to 16 (depending on the size of the multi-switch) dSCR outputs. The dSCR outputs are completely general purpose and depending on what equipment is connected, each output will generate standard Sky, Legacy SCR Sky or Sky Q signals. Plus Terrestrial.

London SatMan now recommends Sky Q compatible multiswitch in every IRS installation or upgrade of existing systems.